Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trip to Apostle Islands

So, before school started Miriam and I went on a four day kayaking trip up to the Apostle Islands. We had some pretty rough seas one of the four days and barely missed being caught in a squall, but it was mostly great. Actually, even the bad weather was kind of fun. The water was surprisingly warm. There were bald eagles everywhere. We even saw a few little black bears on the last island we camped on. Miriam was a great sport and helped paddle maybe a third of the time. Her only moment of grumpiness was when she was asleep and a wave came over the bow and splashed her in the face. Anyway, here are some pictures.

These were really cool sea caves, but none of the pictures really came out. It's hard to get a sense of perspective from inside one kayak.

This was our campsite on day one, York island. There was a nice beach.

Rasberry Island on the way out to Rocky. There was a cool lighthouse. We got there just before a crazy squall with 30+mph winds. Then it was a long paddle (8 miles) out to Rocky island with 3-4 ft waves. Kind of crazy, but fun. I kind of love the folding kayak in that kind of weather. Appreciated it's stability and flexibility.

Campsite day 2, on Rocky Island. The south end of the island had a really cool bog. There was also a yacht anchored offshore. That would be fun too.

Sea caves on the north side of Oak Island. Kind of an accidental find, but very cool. There was a more extensive one a little further down we swam in, but no pictures.

Campsite at Oak Island. We did a death march (4 miles each way) across the island and swam on the other side. When we got back to our campsite on the far side we were starving and exhausted.

Had an incredible sunset. This is where we saw the bears. One was ambling down the beach at dusk. And the other was on the point above our campsite the next morning when I went on a hike and let Miriam sleep in.

Back past Rasberry Island on the way home. So tired. The kayak is kind of a beast to paddle by oneself. It was pretty hammered by the end too. The skin needs to be retired, or needs a lot of work.


Karen said...

Impressive, Jesse and Miriam! Why is it named "Apostle Islands"?

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Miriam is one lucky little girl. She's been to so many beautiful places. How fun to have a father daughter trip.

sienna said...

it looks so beautiful. i was just going to say the same thing as Da. Miriam is lucky to have such a fun dad. Even one that makes her do hard things for beautiful scenery. thanks for posting.

Jesse said...

I'm not sure why they are called the Apostle islands. I think maybe early on someone thought there were 12. There are actually 20. Miriam was a good sport to come. When we were looking at the pictures together, Gwyn said she wished she'd come. We'll see if she remembers that next time.

Karen said...

I feel the same way about a lot of things I have missed, Gwyn! Thanks for answering, Jesse.